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Discharge After Angioplasty Safe, Reduces Cost

WRITTEN BY: Abbie Arce

Of the 600,000 coronary angioplasties performed in the United States each year, about half of them are elective procedures. A person may opt to undergo the simple surgery, done to open up a partially blocked artery if they experience concerning chest pains. In the past, these patients were required to stay in the hospital following the procedure to recover.

In a study done by JAMA Cardiology between 2006-2015 researchers found that only about 4% of patients went home the same day. Despite the low numbers of those choosing a same-day discharge, researchers found no higher risk of serious complications, including death and bleeding, in patients who were discharged on the same day even as far as a year after.



This year rates of same-day discharge after angioplasty are much higher, at 22%. Though this signifies a shift in procedure, studies reveal that more widespread use of the practice could save millions in healthcare costs. Average savings are about $5000 per person when patients are released the same day, and patients report preferring discharge to a hospital stay.

The above video contains animation and explanation of the procedure.


Sources: JAMA CardiologyHarvard Health

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