FEB 02, 2019 2:00 PM PST

Blood Test For Atherosclerosis May Be On The Horizon

WRITTEN BY: Abbie Arce

A pilot project from Duke Health suggests that a blood test for atherosclerosis may be on the horizon.

Atherosclerosis is the accumulation of fatty deposits within the arteries which carry blood to the heart. This accumulation can cause a heart attack or stroke over time if not properly managed.

Atherosclerosis is generally tackled through multi-pronged plans that include changes to lifestyle, diet, and reducing risk factors like smoking and the consumption of fatty food.

According to the study, emergency room patients who underwent a treadmill stress test, who also had decreased blood flow to their heart, had a change in the levels of five different metabolites in their blood within two hours of the treadmill test.

All of the subjects presented to the emergency room with complaints of chest, jaw, and shoulder pain all of which are symptoms of coronary artery disease.

The above video from the British heart foundation discusses risk factors and more.



Sources: Duke Health

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