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Soda Taxes Reduce Consumption

WRITTEN BY: Abbie Arce

We know that over-consuming sugary drinks is not good for us. Regardless, many of us still struggle to fight off the urge. In 2010 Coca-Cola sold over 900 million cases of its diet soda, indicating that despite enjoying these types of beverages, people are quite often reaching for what they believe is a healthier option.

But what can be done to curb that sort of craving a little more often? In many cases, public health officials have answered that question with a tax on sugary drinks. Despite being largely detested by the public, on whom they are imposed, the data shows that these types of taxes work.

In Philadelphia, for example, the tax instituted in January 2017, produced a significant reduction in soda sales in the following year.

With sugary drinks contributing to obesity and an increased risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, it’s easy to see why such an initiative would be beneficial to public health.

The above video from D Health goes into detail about just how effective these types of taxes are and what the benefits are for those affected.


Sources: D HealthNational Institutes of Health

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