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Transforming Forensic Science: Advanced DNA analysis with 8-dye technology


In the constantly evolving field of forensic science, processing DNA quickly and accurately is paramount. Recent advances in technology have transformed the landscape of forensic DNA analysis, supporting lab efficiency so forensic analysts can tackle their caseloads with confidence. Among these, the Spectrum CE and the PowerPlex® 35GY and 18E Systems offer more efficient short-tandem repeat (STR) analysis with 8-dye technology, producing better, more reliable results in less time.

Spectrum CE System: A New Era of Precision

The Spectrum CE System is an 8-capillary electrophoresis instrument developed with input from forensic scientists around the world to meet the needs of contemporary forensic laboratories. It aims to enhance the precision of DNA analysis while streamlining workflow in the lab.

A flexible and highly sensitive system, the Spectrum CE is compatible with PowerPlex® STR kits, including next generation 8-dye STR technology, and is also suitable for use with standard 5- and 6-color STR amplification kits. This instrument accommodates up to four sample plates and provides clear and interpretable DNA profiles, making it particularly valuable for analyzing challenging forensic samples, including those that are degraded or present in very small quantities.

The Spectrum CE System is designed to be user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface and automated features that help reduce the need for manual intervention, thereby mitigating human error and saving precious time in the lab.

PowerPlex 35GY and 18E Systems

Formulated for STR amplification, the 8-dye PowerPlex® Systems deliver reliable and comprehensive DNA profiling results. Featuring enhanced sensitivity and specificity, these systems support efficient forensic analysis and provide a high degree of discrimination between DNA samples.

The PowerPlex® 35GY System co-amplifies and detects 35 loci simultaneously, including 20 autosomal loci from the expanded CODIS core, Amelogenin for sex determination, and 11 Y-STR loci. This coverage provides enhanced discriminatory power, particularly useful in complex forensic cases and familial searches​. The inclusion of two additional dye channels compared to previous STR kits helps improve the clarity and specificity of analysis.

Similarly, the PowerPlex® 18E kit allows the amplification and detection of 18 loci, including all 16 loci recommended by the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENSFI), Amelogenin, and DYS391 for sex determination.

Designed for both extracted DNA and direct amplification from reference samples, these systems include two quality indicators (QIS and QIL) that aid in assessing the quality of the sample and the amplification process, helping to identify issues like degradation or inhibition​. They are optimized for use with the Spectrum CE and Spectrum Compact CE Systems and allow for high-resolution and sensitive DNA profiling.

A Commitment to Supporting Forensic Excellence

As the field of forensic science progresses, the importance of having reliable, efficient and precise DNA analysis systems cannot be overstated. The Spectrum CE and PowerPlex® Systems are designed to support forensic professionals in addressing the challenges they face in the lab every day. With these tools, forensic scientists can meet their current case requirements and set themselves up for success as technology continues to advance down the road.  

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