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Pope Francis Says We Have to Do Something About Global Warming

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Global warming is a big thing. The world is getting warmer; it's affecting the polar ice caps, it's increasing the sea level height, and it's causing you to have to sweat more than you might want to.

Now taking an active stance against global warming is Pope Francis. He has spoken out in a leaked text mentioning that it is humans who have done this damage to our own planet with greenhouse gasses and that it is humans that need to band together and work to fix what we have done for the greater good of everyone that has to live here.

Pope Frances reveals his stance on climate change.

"International negotiations cannot progress in a significant way because of the positions of the countries which privilege their own national interests rather than the global common good," Pope Francis wrote in the leaked text. "Those who will suffer the consequences which we are trying to hide will remember this lack of conscience and responsibility."

Due to the fact there are a select number of countries in the world that are abusing greenhouse gasses for our own personal needs more so than others, Pope Francis doesn't hesitate to place the blame on those countries and mention that it is up to not only the countries abusing greenhouse gasses, but also those standing by doing nothing to stand up and do something about it.

The pope continues his statement by saying, "the greater part of global warming in the last decades is due to the great concentration of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide and others) emitted above all due to human activity."

It is hoped that yet another large leader will continue to not only raise awareness of this issue, but to expedite the process of something being done about it.

Whether that involves more implementations of clean renewable energy sources, such as solar farms, windmill farms, or other kinds of mediums other than burning greenhouse gasses, or converting more of our current daily-driven automobiles to hybrid or electric rather than toxic gasoline-burning engines, we will have to make some changes to ensure the future of this planet remains safe and inhabitable.

The Pope has announced his plans to meet with world leaders to address the issue once more and hopefully make a difference in an issue that is already starting to turn heads, but still yielding to slow public action about the matter.

The text, which was leaked to the press early, will be published on Thursday.

Source: BBC, Bloomberg

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