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Revolutionizing Archaeology with Dr. Kisha Supernant | The Life of Her Mind Ep. 3


Dr. Kisha Supernant (Métis/Papaschase/British), Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, is a groundbreaking archaeologist revolutionizing the way we think about archaeology. She is an original contributor to the body of knowledge about Indigenous communities and Indigenous feminism, and both mentors and supervises graduate students. Among her many professional commitments, Dr. Supernant is the Director of the Institute of Prairie & Indigenous Archaeology, and the Co-Director of the Situated Knowledges: Indigenous Peoples & Place Signature Area (SKIPP), and the Chair of Unmarked Graves Working Group of the Canadian Archaeological Association.

Dr. Supernant's research has led to numerous journal articles, book chapters, reports, and conference presentations. In addition, Dr. Supernant co-edited both ‘Archaeologies of the Heart’ (Springer, 2020) and ‘Blurring Timescapes, Subverting Erasure: Remembering Ghosts on the Margins of History’ (Berghahn Books, 2020). Dr. Supernant prioritizes “heart-centered archaeological practice,” which includes building collaborative research relationships between archaeology and indigenous communities. In furtherance of heart-centered practice, Dr. Supernant co-founded the H.E.A.R.T. collective in 2017 with fellow archaeologists, Natasha Lyons, Jane Baxter, and Sonya Atalay. By recognizing and integrating different knowledge systems into archaeological practice, a more robust and accurate understanding of the archaeological record can emerge.


About the series:

The Life of Her Mind is dedicated to learning about how women think about their careers, disciplines, and future. Each episode focuses on a single professional working in or around the sciences, with an eye toward uncovering what makes each individual’s contributions unique.

The series is hosted by Labroots Science Writer Mia Wood, Ph.D., a philosophy professor and writer living and working at the intersection of philosophy and everything else. Among her relevant interests are the philosophy of early modern science, the nature of consciousness, and personal identity.

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