FEB 07, 2023 3:00 PM PST

Exploring Cryovolcanism in our Galaxy

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Join Labroots as we take you on a journey of exploration and discovery. In this eBook, we will introduce you to scientific facts and images of worlds beyond that will allow you to believe that anything’s possible and nothing is beyond imagination. Did you know that Earth might not be the only planet in the universe with water? What about volcanism on worlds other than our own? The possibility of discovering life beyond Earth, even at the microscopic level, and in our very solar system?

In the first piece, we introduce you to water world exoplanets based on a study published in the journal, Nature Astronomy, and discuss how liquid water could exist for billions of years on exoplanets that are very different from Earth.

In the second piece, we conduct a thorough examination of volcanism, both on Earth and other planetary bodies in our solar system, such as Jupiter’s moons, Io and Europa, Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, and many more, with interviews from volcanology experts, Dr. David Williams and Dr. Jessica Noviello. In the third piece, we provide an in-depth analysis of Saturn’s sixth largest moon, Enceladus, to include its geological characteristics, exploration history, and unique, awe- inspiring features.

Through this eBook we hope to ignite the fires of curiosity and intrigue as to what we might find beyond our pale blue dot that we call home.

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