SEP 12, 2018 07:59 PM PDT

Before You Tear the Moldy Portion of Your Bread Off and Call it Good... Watch This

While most people cringe at the thought of a moldy piece of bread lurking in their refrigerator, there exist bolder people who will gladly tear the moldy bit off their slide of bread and only eat the “clean” side. But is this a good idea?

If that common-sense voice in your mind tells you no, then you should probably listen to it. When even the slightest bit of visible mold presents itself on the surface of your piece of bread, there’s more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye.

Not only does mold produce a complex network beneath the bread’s surface that can contaminate even those “clean” sections, but spores from this mold can contaminate other bread slices in the same package.

If you were hoping that merely cutting the mold away would make your slice of bread safe to eat, then perhaps you should consider throwing the entire package away and opening a new one. After all, you’d be doing your body a favor.

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