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North Korea Claims to Have Cure for MERS, AIDS, Cancer, and Ebola

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

There are some nasty diseases out there that can't be cured with today's medical technology. Such diseases include AIDS, Cancer, and Ebola. Many major diseases can be prevented, but once you come down with one, there's really no turning back; it's just an uphill battle from there.

Or... has North Korea just solved everything?

It seems far-fetched, but the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) is now claiming that they have developed a ginseng-based vaccine that can prevent and even cure many major diseases known to man, such as AIDS, Cancer, Ebola, and even MERS.

North Korea claims to have a vaccine that can fix everything.

North Korea is calling the vaccine Kumdang-2. The vaccine reportedly uses ginseng as the main ingredient, mixed with a variety of other undisclosed ingredients that give it its healing abilities, as noted by the vaccine's Web page kumdang2.com:

"Kumdang-2 Injection is a herbal medicine extracted from Kaesong Koryo insam (ginseng) cultivated in Kaesong DPR Korea by applying rare-earth molecular fertilizer. It contains insam saccharides, light rare earth elements, a micro-quantities of gold and platinum."

What's more is that the Web page notes there are absolutely no adverse side effects and that it can be used in conjunction with all of the current medications you might be taking already.

It is noted that the vaccine is a " strong immune reviver," which is what gives it the leverage needed against diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Ebola, and MERS, but just how believable is all of this talk?

Claims on the Web site are sketchy, like this one:

"The main purpose of injection is to cure diseases, but it is also good for healthy persons as it invigorates them, optimizes their immunity and makes them more beautiful."

It's hard to believe that a simple shot would make someone beautiful. And how is it possible that such a breakthrough vaccine could have absolutely no side effects when just about any drug you take these days comes with a variety of them?

North Korea has been known to make things up in the past. It's a fact that they simply like to make themselves sound like the cool guys. Chances are, this will be followed by a lot of false hope and disappointment.

Source: The Guardian

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