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Mothers Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic Effects Child Fear in Kids with Developmental Disabilities

Labroots’ virtual events are a fantastic way to network and learn about others’ work. These events feature participants from around the world who can display their research for free in a poster format. At this year’s Coronavirus Virtual Event (now available to view On-Demand), Labroots highlighted an exceptional study involving a correlation between pandemic stress and developmental disabilities in children. This incredible work comes from Sheow Yun Sie, a Clinical Research Coordinator with SIP Study, City University of New York (CUNY) Queens College, and colleagues.

Yun Sie’s poster examined whether mothers stress during lockdown caused more fear among children with developmental disabilities compared to children without disabilities. A total of 117 mothers and their children from Queens College, CUNY and NY Presbyterian Hospital participated in the survey. The findings of the study revealed the differential adverse experiences of boys and girls in relation to COVID-19 and highlight the importance of the mothers well-being. The study further suggests the vulnerability of those with developmental disabilities, particularly girls. The findings of this study will also contribute to the development of targeted strategies to mitigate such distress and support families with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the post-COVID-19 context.

Yun Sie felt the most meaningful result of this project was the finding of differential adverse experiences of boys and girls, particularly among girls with disabilities.

“The project highlighted the capability of being able to feel the impact of surrounding changes (pandemic) despite their own challenges, among the vulnerable population,” Yun Sie said. “It flags an alarming signal to public health and the society regarding the need to develop targeted strategies to mitigate such stress.”

Despite these important findings, Yun Sie still feels future research is crucial to help health practitioners that work directly with this population understand, and keep up to date on ongoing changes, to better improve services for people with developmental disabilities.

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