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These 3 Experiments Changed the World

WRITTEN BY: Kerry Evans
Can you spare a few minutes to reflect on three game-changing biology experiments?

Up first, Louis Pasteur debunks spontaneous generation. Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist, best known for pioneering the practice of "pasteurization". He also developed vaccines against anthrax, cholera, and smallpox.

Then, Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase demonstrate that genetic information is transmitted through DNA (not protein). American microbiologists Hershey and Chase performed their "blender" experiments at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. Hershey also worked extensively on bacteriophage biology.

Last, but not least, Harold Urey and Stanley Miller cook up primordial soup. Urey and Miller were American chemists who pioneered the field of "prebiotic chemistry". Urey also contributed to work on the atomic bomb.

Sources: SciShow, Biography.com, MicrobeWorld, Wikipedia
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