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How to Boost Your Microbiology Laboratory's Efficiency: bioMérieux's VITEK® MS PRIME

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bioMérieux is proud to introduce the VITEK® MS PRIME, a state-of-the-art MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry instrument designed to streamline microbial identification and significantly improve laboratory efficiency. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the VITEK MS PRIME offers laboratories a powerful tool to meet the increasing demands of modern clinical microbiology.

Streamlined Workflow for Enhanced Laboratory Efficiency:

The VITEK MS PRIME introduces a range of features that optimize laboratory workflows, helping laboratories accomplish more in less time: 


Consolidated Footprint: With its benchtop design and on-board PC and monitor, the VITEK MS PRIME minimizes space requirements, making it easier to integrate into laboratory environments. This consolidation allows for better workspace utilization, optimizing laboratory efficiency.

Random Access of Slides: The VITEK MS PRIME enables continuous, on-demand loading of target slides, allowing laboratories to load up to 16 slides without interrupting ongoing sample processing. This capability increases productivity, reduces downtime, and improves time to reported results.

Urgent Slide Prioritization: The instrument provides critical identification results in a timely manner, independent of when the slide was loaded. Laboratories can prioritize urgent cases, ensuring faster intervention and improved patient care.

Automated Fine-Tuning: The VITEK MS PRIME includes automated fine-tuning capabilities, empowering users to perform fine-tuning procedures on their own schedule. This eliminates the need for service calls, reduces instrument downtime, and enhances overall laboratory efficiency.

Robust Lifetime Laser and Optics: Designed with robust components, the VITEK MS PRIME ensures a long-lasting laser and optics system. This enhanced durability maximizes instrument uptime, minimizing maintenance requirements, and allowing laboratories to focus on delivering accurate and timely results.

Side Access Panels and Lower Power Requirement: The VITEK MS PRIME features side access panels for easy serviceability, enabling quick maintenance and troubleshooting. Additionally, its lower power requirement of 110V offers flexibility and ease of use in different laboratory settings.

Comprehensive Database and Integrated Solutions:

The VITEK MS PRIME incorporates an FDA-cleared and clinically validated database that continually evolves to meet the challenges of clinical microbiology. It covers a broad range of clinically relevant bacteria and fungi, including mycobacteria, Nocardia, and molds. With an extensive collection of strains and spectra per species, the database ensures accurate and clinically relevant identification.

When combined with VITEK® 2, the VITEK MS PRIME provides a comprehensive ID/AST solution. The VITEK FLEXPREP allows for flexible results review at multiple benches, streamlining sample preparation and linking of ID and AST tests. Advanced data analytics and reporting through MYLA® provide instrument management and statistical reports, while CLARION offers dashboards and antibiograms for continuous improvement of antimicrobial therapy.


The bioMérieux VITEK MS PRIME is a game-changer in the field of microbial identification, offering laboratories a streamlined workflow and advanced features to enhance efficiency. Its consolidated footprint, random-access system, urgent slide prioritization, automated fine-tuning, robust lifetime laser and optics, and user-friendly design optimize laboratory operations, resulting in faster and more reliable results. With the comprehensive database and integrated solutions like VITEK 2, MYLA, and CLARION, laboratories can improve workflow while making informed decisions to improve patient care.

Discover the transformative power of the VITEK MS PRIME through the firsthand experience of our satisfied customers. Watch to see how our solution has streamlined their workflow and impacted patient care. Click here to view a TESTIMONIAL on VITEK MS PRIME.

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