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If You Thought T. Rex Was Big, Then Watch This

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Dinosaur-themed Hollywood movies have hyped up Tyrannosaurus Rex, making it seem like the king of all dinosaurs. But realistically, T. Rex was quite small when compared to other dinosaurs.

Many of the largest dinosaurs of all time were herbivores with incredibly long necks tailored for reaching into the tallest trees for food. But as herbivorous dinosaurs evolved to be as big as they were, carnivorous dinosaurs needed to follow suit if they wanted to survive.

Still, many herbivorous dinosaurs continued to grow. One class of herbivorous dinosaur, known as titanosaurs, were among some of the tallest of the bunch. They were so tall that they could devour trees as if they were a giant corn-on-the-cob.

Comparatively, T.Rex would look like a puny little lizard if put in the same room with some known titanosaurs.

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