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Dolphin Jumps Into Boat, Breaks Woman's Ankles

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

How do you imagine a nice a boat ride in the water? With the sun shining and some fishing poles in the water, or maybe a portable grill cooking up a barbeque while you ride around in the middle of a large body of water?

Well for one family, a boat ride turned into somewhat of a nightmare. While the family was out watching a pod of dolphins off of the coast of California to celebrate the couple's 18th anniversary, as well as Father's Day, a dolphin reportedly leaped out of the water and right into the boat that the family was riding in.

Now for some, this might be a really cute way for a dolphin to say, "Hey! I love you! Take me home with you!" But, for this family, it meant a bloody mess all over the boat from injuries that the dolphin sustained during the impact on the vessel, as well as two broken ankles for the wife, who ended up getting trapped under the dolphin, and a few cuts and bruises for the husband and daughter, who were both whacked by the dolphin.

This is the aftermath of a dolphin jumping into a boat.

The dolphin, which weighed approximately 330 pounds, was pretty beat up from the incident. After the husband, Dirk Frickman, pulled his wife out from under the large animal, he reportedly continued to splash water onto the dolphin while driving the boat to attempt to keep it alive until he could get the help necessary to get the dolphin back into the water.

You can watch the release video below compliments of the Orange County Register:

"The dolphin jumped and we thought it was doing a flip and I guess it miscalculated," Frickman said to the local news. "It came right onto my wife and flopped in the boat and knocked down and grazed my daughter. The dolphin was flopping all over; it cut its nose and its tail. Blood started splattering everywhere. I was letting go of the wheel every 30 seconds to a minute and slowing down and pouring water on her."

When he did get the dolphin back into the water, thanks to the help of harbor patrol, the dolphin reportedly swam off quickly, suggesting that it was doing fine and was capable of being released to the wild without any medical assistance.

Photos taken from the incident show that the dolphin had some cuts along its nose and even its tail, but those will likely heal back up over time and the dolphin should live happily ever after.

Although the wife, Chrissie Frickman, is currently being treated for his broken ankles, Frickman and his daughter appear to be fine after the event.

Source: Orange County Register

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