MAR 18, 2019 01:10 PM PDT

Learn What Makes a Frog's Tongue So Amazing

Scientists have long been captivated by frog tongues. Frogs have perhaps one of the most interesting tongues in the entire animal kingdom, and given what we know about them, it’s easy to see why.

Frogs can launch their tongues from their mouth at speeds that exceed 4,000 meters per second, and they can stretch almost one-third of its body length. These features are vital because a frog’s prey is typically fast-moving insects like flies, moths, and dragonflies. Frogs can accurately launch their tongue in the direction of one of those insects and capture it for a meal.

Frog tongues are also incredibly soft and sticky, which makes them ideal for this type of hunting. After the insect is captured in the tongue, it’s almost impossible for the insect to escape. Only after the frog retracts its tongue and closes its mouth will the insect break free of the tongue, and that’s by the will of the frog, not the insect.

Indeed, frogs may seem like simple creatures at first glance, but we can assure you, their tongues makes them one of the most amazing animals on the entire planet.

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