JUL 10, 2019 5:11 PM PDT

Watch Animal Experts As They Tend to a Malnourished Juvenile Hawk

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

After a woman reported an oddly-behaving hawk in her yard, the New Hampshire Fish and Game department responded to the call. Upon coming in contact with the bird, the official put on a pair of protective leather gloves to prevent injuries to the bird and to himself.

In rescue situations like these, the animal doesn’t know that the official is there to help them. For that reason, they’ll behave defensively and be exposed to high amounts of stress. It’s the official’s job to collect the animal safely for rehabilitation while simultaneously keeping the stress levels to a minimum.

In this case, the rescued hawk seemed somewhat malnourished, and may have suffered an injury after falling out of a nearby tree, which prevented it from being able to fly away. After packing the bird into a breathable box, the official could then escort it to professional help where it could be rehabilitated.

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