SEP 01, 2019 7:57 AM PDT

These Young Seabirds Must Learn to Fly or be Eaten by Sharks

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

These young albatrosses must learn the official rules of ‘survival of the fittest.’ Once big enough, they will need to become as adept at flying as their parents, otherwise, they’ll be easy prey for one of their most revered predators: the merciless tiger shark.

In this video, we see young albatrosses trying their best to strengthen their wings and their comprising muscles before learning to fly. They have only a short time to do this, as their parents are no longer raising them, and they’ll soon need to take to the ocean to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately for these chicks, it’s also tiger shark season, and one wrong move while swimming around in the ocean or failing to fly correctly could result in becoming a tiger shark’s lunch. 

At the very end of the clip, you’ll witness a fierce exchange between a novice albatross and a hungry tiger shark. After a few moments of entanglement, the bird is compelled to sink or swim, and it appears to choose the latter as it safely flies away from the predator with virtually no flight experience.

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