NOV 11, 2019 4:20 PM PST

Polar Bears Feast On Anything They Find, Even Rotting Whales

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Polar bears are expert survivalists. Their noses are many times more powerful than a dog’s, and they can sniff out a potential meal from several miles away. This ability is crucial given the harsh environment they live in, and as you might come to expect, these animals can’t be too picky about what they might find in their travels, otherwise they’d starve to death.

In this video, we see a pack of hungry polar bears using their noses to navigate to a remote island where a massive bowhead whale carcass appears to be decomposing on the shoreline. We can see all kinds of animals picking away at the deceased animal’s body, but none of those will take as large of a bite as the polar bears will.

While it may not look appetizing, and it likely doesn’t smell that great, this bowhead whale carcass contains essential vitamins and nutrients that the polar bears need to survive. The carcass is chock-full of blubber, and these calories nourish the polar bears for a long time to come, ensuring their survival as they move on.

Unfortunately, such a ripe meal sends a massive scent signal through the air, and these polar bears aren’t the only ones that got the memo. As another polar bear pack closes in, the mother carefully backs off to keep her babies safe.

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