NOV 24, 2019 7:49 AM PST

A Hamster's Stuffable Cheeks Can be Convenient, But Not in This Case

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Hamsters are just one of several rodents that can stuff their mouths full of food and other goodies and carry it long distances to deposit somewhere else, such as its nesting place. Inside of their mouths are deep pouches that can hold up to a quarter of the hamster’s body weight. But is carrying that much cargo ever a good idea?

For some hamsters, collecting as much as possible before returning home is a great way to ensure survival without expending too much energy, but in some rare cases, over-stuffing those cheeks can make navigating narrow crawl spaces somewhat challenging, if not impossible.

Here we see a wild hamster scurrying about in the grasslands before coming across some tasty candle wax. It’s full of oil and calories, which will help the hamster survive a while longer before going on another hunt, but the candle glass’ openings are only so wide.

After stuffing its cheeks nearly full to bursting, the hamster goes inside the candle glass one final time to get the last bit but finds itself stuck and unable to escape. It takes some finagling and tripping all over the place, but after letting a smidge loose, he’s able to escape the candle glass and head on home with his reward.

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