JAN 28, 2020 3:52 PM PST

A Slug Does All it Can to Defend Against Hungry Ants

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Slugs are slow, and this makes them easy targets for predators however big or small they might be. Here, we see that a slug has been spotted by a hungry colony of driver ants, and the slug is effectively a sitting duck as it can’t run away fast enough.

Upon being engaged by the first of the driver ants, the slug attempts to resist by waiting the attack out. Unfortunately, this effort does little to help the situation, and instead, more ants emerge. As the attack begins to overwhelm the slug, it does the one thing it can do to run away: it falls from its branch, letting gravity do the work.

At first it seemed like a clean getaway, but the slug wasn’t expecting there to be more ants on the ground. Those ants quickly approach the slug, as do those that followed the slug down. All the ants quickly swarm the slug, and in self-defense, the slug releases a gooey protective slime layer. Many of the ants are stopped in their tracks, either trapped in the goo or helping others out of it.

Shortly after, worker ants arrive, carrying dirt particles in their jaws. The ants use the soil to sop up the slug’s goo, much like a sponge. Eventually, there’s no more slime, and the ants continue their attack.

So long poor slug…

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