FEB 04, 2020 4:31 PM PST

Different Predators Work Together to Corral a Swarm of Sardines

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

When large schools of sardines materialize in the oceans, it can be a spectacular sight. In some cases, however, the sight can be so spectacular that it mesmerizes even the predators that tend to find these small fish somewhat delicious. As you might come to expect, that’s bad news for the sardines.

As they say, there’s power in numbers, and the sardines seem to understand this. Using their large school numbers to their advantage, they dodge continuous lunges from larger sea lions. But the very same rule applies to predators as more and more begin to notice the large school of fish.

Soon, seabirds and even tuna join in. The seabirds attack from the sides, and the tuna attack from the bottom. Working together, the two predators corral the sardines into a dense ball of fish just beneath the surface, and with nowhere to go, the sea lions, seabirds, and tuna begin lunging (and successfully catching) their prey.

The scent of fresh blood also attracts sharks, which are quickly followed by dolphins and whales. One by one, the predators take turns jabbing at the sardines, partaking in the ultimate gluttony. Interestingly enough, the predators don’t attack one another, despite the size differences.

As it would seem, the sardines are quickly overpowered by the predators as their techniques are stifled.

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