APR 13, 2020 10:05 AM PDT

Lion Cubs' Curiosity Sometimes Leads Them Right Into Danger

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Most people have probably heard the popular idiom ‘the curiosity killed the cat’ at some point in their lives, and as it turns out, there’s a reason this idiom exists. Cats, both domestic and wild tend to be rather bold explorers by nature, and in some cases, their unique boldness can put them directly in harm’s way.

Lions, despite being fearsome and mighty creatures, are no exception to this rule of thumb. Lion cubs in particular, tend to make bolder moves than their adult counterparts because they’re still young and inexperienced. Sometimes, lion cubs will actually go exploring on their own without their mother, potentially walking right into mother nature’s cruel and  inconveniently-placed surprises.

In this video, we see a small group of incredibly young lion cubs that have apparently gotten thirsty. After walking away from their mother in search of water, they find a natural waterway that they can drink from. On the other hand, that same waterway appears to be littered with wild crocodiles, and young cubs have no idea what sort of danger they’re putting themselves into.

Once the mother realizes that her cubs have wandered off, she goes off searching for them, but goes in the wrong direction. So the cubs’ aunt steps in, going to investigate the missing cubs. Unfortunately, her young cubs follow her into a potentially dangerous situation, so she’s compelled to take them back to safety before venturing out again.

Soon enough, the cubs find their way back from the water’s edge, luckily just in time before any of the crocodiles notice them. It looks like the mother and her cubs have escaped a potentially awful situation.

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