APR 21, 2020 9:43 AM PDT

Male Silverback Gorilla Gets Rejected After Attempt to Impress Female

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Silverback gorillas are somewhat renowned for their powerful arms and legs. In many cases, males use their brute strength in an effort to display dominance. These displays can be used to keep less powerful males at bay or to impress females to increase their odds of reproductive success.

Here, we witness a male silverback gorilla that’s eager mate with a fellow female. He tries again and again to woo the female with his superior strength, using his brute strength to tear down thick tree limbs around him. Unfortunately, the female is 37 years old, and most female silverback gorillas stop having intercourse once they reach their mid-to-late 30s.

Evidently, the female ignores the male’s attempts to impress her, but the male doesn’t take the hint. He instead tries again and again to prove his worthiness, that is, until the female’s children step up to the plate. 

The female’s youngest male child confronts the hopeful adult male. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the adult male doesn’t attempt to harm the young male, as it would hurt his chances of mating with the female even more. Instead, the adult male retreats, leaving the female and her children as they were before he found them.

He’ll just have to find another… better luck next time.

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