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This Unlucky Dog Received a Stroke of Luck From 3D Printing

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

For one dog that goes by the name of Derby, like has been anything but easy in the absence of two working front legs.
Derby was born with a deformed set of front legs and lacked front paws, and the 3D printing industry has come to the rescue yet again with a fresh set of 3D-printed prosthetics for Derby so he can get around as he needs to and behave like a normal dog.

Derby and his new set of 3D-printed legs.

Derby is noted to have had 3D-printed prosthetics since 2014, but with a new set given to him from friends at a company dubbed 3D Systems, the dog has an updated prosthetic design made to help Derby walk better.
What was originally a prototype, made with a rounded design and set up in such a way so that Derby would tint forward, has evolved into a much more usable design that resembles that of a figure eight and adjusts Derby’s frontal elevation to be more natural.
All thanks to the new 3D-printed legs, Derby is able to walk around like a normal dog, and can even sit down like a normal dog. Those behind the design of the 3D-Printed legs say that as the legs were made taller, their structural needs changed as well, which is why a new design was necessary to keep the stability.

Check out the video below:

For more updates, you can follow Derby on his dedicated Facebook page, which is owned and maintained by Derby's owners.

This would be one of many similar cases where animals have been helped by the 3D printing industry. Other examples are when a toucan received a 3D-printed beak, a sea turtle received a 3D-printed jaw, and a similar case of yet another dog who needed 3D-printed legs.
Indeed, this is an incredible technology that will continue to revolutionize the lives of animals in need of life improvement. We’ve seen many examples where it can be used to improve the quality of life, and it’s sure that as the technology matures, it will continue to improve lives, both animal and human.

Source: CNET

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