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This Sloth Was Rescued From a Highway

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When you see an animal in the road, clearly in danger and with the potential of being hit by another car in traffic, do you stop to help the animal, or do you keep on driving and going about your day?
Anyone with a kind heart for animals is going to choose the former, getting out of their car and attempting to get the animal who is in danger to safety. But would you confront a sloth if the situation were similar?
The Transit Commission of Ecuador (CET) has reportedly saved a sloth’s life after it was found hanging onto to a pole in a partition in the middle of a highway in the province of Los Rios. It’s believed that the sloth was attempting to cross the road when it got stuck in the middle of the highway.

A sloth has been rescued from a highway by CET officials.

After being found by officers of the CET, the sloth was reportedly transported to a veterinarian by officials. There, it was checked for any injuries to make sure it wasn’t harmed by passing traffic.
Photos shared on Facebook by the CET show that the sloth was very much stuck in the middle of the highway when CET officials found it, and that it has been returned to its natural habitat in the rain forest on Monday after being found to have been healthy.






En Los Ríos colaboramos con un hermoso perezoso, que pretendía cruzar el anillo vial de Quevedo

Posted by Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador on Friday, January 22, 2016

The photo of the sloth clinging to a pole in the middle of the highway has gone viral across the internet with the Facebook post alone being shared more than 22,800 times as of the posting of this news.
Source: BuzzFeed

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