MAR 05, 2016 10:49 PM PST

Death Valley National Park is Currently Covered in Wildflowers

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Sometimes, wildflowers will bloom in the places where you least expect them to, with the help of mother nature, of course.
Death Valley National Park, well-known for its hot and arid environment, has recently experienced a ton of rainfall due to El Niño. The rain has sparked a massive growth of wildflowers in the area, coating the lands with a layer of color.

Death Valley National Park is being overrun by beautiful wildflowers... but it won't last long.

The event is very similar to that of one that happened in October of last year in Atacama Desert on the west coast of Chile, known to be the ‘driest place on Earth.’
National Geographic says that this “Super-Bloom,” as it’s called, is the largest that Death Valley National Park has seen since 2005, and before then, 1998. Although a small number of wildflowers will bloom on an annual basis, this is known as a Super-Bloom because the sheer number of flowers blooming in the area is unmatched by several past seasons.
Among those of the wildflowers that are growing, there are pink ones, purple ones, and yellow ones.
Although there are many flowers blooming in Death Valley National Park right now, don’t expect them to last there very long. The climate of Death Valley National Park, carefully-named because of its unforgiving environment, will soon wither away every last blooming wildflower you see in the pictures until the next blooming season comes around.
Although it’s a temporary sight for sore eyes, many are flocking to the area to get a good view, and even some photographs of the rare event.

Source: National Geographic

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