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Deep Sea Diver Captures Photo of Fish Inside See-Through Sea Creature

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

A 58-year-old deep sea diver by the name of Wayne MacWilliams decided to go for a deep sea dive off of the coast of Palm Beach, Florida, about 500 feet below the surface and 2 miles away from the coast, and what he would find down there was pretty spectacular.
500 feet below the ocean’s surface is a black abyss that can be pretty scary to experience. It’s because the sunlight is unable to pass through so much water. The deeper you do, the less light there is, and that’s why some marine life species down there have developed their own form of bioluminescence.
Beside the point, MacWilliams discovered something very intriguing on his dive – he noticed something shimmering, and then took a closer look just to find that he had discovered a translucent sea creature with a regular fish inside of its belly.

Diver Wayne MacWilliams shot this picture of a translucent sea creature and found a shimmering fish inside of it.

“These beautiful creatures are interesting, bizarre, to say the least and pretty foreign to me. I have done this type of diving a couple times and plan on doing more,” MacWilliams said in a statement.
The photographs taken show the structure of the translucent sea creature, known as a salp, as well as the small fish that appears to be undigested inside of it. Despite being inside of the creature, it’s unlikely that the fish was ‘eaten’ by the creature, per-se, but it does raise an eyebrow as to why exactly the animal was inside of the translucent creature.
I guess in a somewhat punny reference, you could say this is a sea-through sea creature, but the small fish inside is what’s really getting all of the attention.

Source: DailyMail

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