APR 25, 2016 12:40 PM PDT

Gorilla Surprises Zookeepers With Birth of a Newborn

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Prague Zoo officials were in for a surprise when they realized one of their 24-year-old gorillas, who goes by the name of Shinda, had given birth to a newborn.
The gorilla is reportedly overweight, and this is likely the reason why zoologists never noticed the pregnancy early on.

Shinda holds her newborn baby after it was born.

On the other hand, Prague Zoo officials weren’t looking too hard either, because the gorilla has suffered several miscarriages in the past and it was believed that Shinda wouldn’t even be able to have offspring. As a result, they pretty much gave up on the idea.
Well, so much for that theory… soon, a surprise miracle would come out of nowhere.
The baby gorilla is a welcomed addition to the Zoo, as it keeps the circle of life going. The miracle has also restored hope that Shinda can indeed bear children.
The gender of the newborn gorilla has not yet been identified, although Zoo visitors are able to see the mother with her newborn as she cares for it, which is great because gorillas are reportedly a very popular attraction at the Zoo.
Zookeepers report that the baby is doing well and that the birth, which happened this past Saturday, was as smooth as could be.
Now that Shinda has a newborn to look after, zookeepers will be keeping a close eye on it and monitoring its health, as well as the mother.

Source: DNews

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