APR 28, 2016 11:59 AM PDT

While Cutting Down a Tree, a Man Found (Half of) a Snake Inside

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

A man from the United States, who was just cutting down a tree like anyone else who has done it before, was in for a big surprise when the tree came down.
Right in the center of the fallen tree trunk was a squirming, black snake-like creature that had evidently been cut in half in the midst of cutting the tree trunk in half.

A black snake is found chopped in half while a man cuts a tree trunk in half.

Having issues finding the head of the creature, Ryan Saunders, the man behind the camera, heads for the other half of the tree he was in the middle of sawing.
The black snake, which looks to be between 2 and 3 inches in diameter, was found still squirming on the ground.
Just like with a lizard’s tail that had been freshly cut off, the nerves inside of the snake tail were going crazy with signals and bouncing around despite being separated from the creature’s brain. These signals cause the muscles in the tail to contract and relax repeatedly.
This event isn’t something that occurs that often, so there are a lot of questions behind how and why the snake got there in the first place. It’s unlikely that the snake made the hole on its own, but rather another animal might have made it and the snake found it for use as a hiding ground.
The original video, which went viral on YouTube, can be watched below, but please be warned that it's graphic and has profanity from the clearly horrified wood-cutter.

Obviously, it is a sad event to see that the snake, which was doing nothing wrong inside of the tree, would lose its life over the situation.

Source: DailyMail, YouTube

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