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Cameras Capture Bald Eagles Snacking on a Cat

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

You hear stories all the time of cats eating birds, but it seems to be so few and far in between of the opposite happening.
Nevertheless, a bald eagle was captured on the Eagle Cam in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bringing a cat into its nest so that the mother could feed it to the hungry eaglets who were also residing in the same nest.

Two eagles on camera are seen feeding a cat to their younglings.

It’s sure to get some people emotional, because honestly, who doesn’t love a cute cat? Nevertheless, this is part of the circle of life that nature imposes on the animal kingdom.
The video of the cat being brought into the nest and fed to the younglings can be watched below:

As reported by USAToday, it’s believed that the cat was already dead before it was brought into the nest. Sadly, it’s unknown if the cat belonged to someone or was somebody’s pet.
It’s important to keep an open mind during even kinds of events. Although it’s sad to see a poor cat that may have been somebody’s pet being snatched up and eaten by eagles, it’s a completely different perspective from the eyes of the eagles.
To them, this is just food, just like any other squirrel, fish, or small game that they might find in order to sustain their baby eaglets and to help them grow.
Unfortunately, the bald eagle is a protected species and is the national bird of the United States, and they need to hunt for themselves because people aren’t supposed to tamper with them or feed them.

Source: USAToday, YouTube, Facebook

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