MAY 22, 2016 8:29 AM PDT

Estimated 35 Tons of Dead Fish Appear in a Chinese Lake

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Passerby in China were in for a surprise when there were approximately a staggering 35 tons of dead fish floating atop the surface of a lake on their sides.

Lake's salinity levels reportedly to blame for 35 tons of dead fish in the water.

The fish species is unidentified, although there is information on the size of the fish, which are estimated to be about as big as half of a palm of a hand. Those local to the area say that this type of fish is not usually seen in the lake.
Hongcheng lake, which is located in the Hainan province, reportedly underwent some changes in water chemistry that may have led to the mass death of these fish.
Those living in the area were quick to blame the issue on pollution problems, which does spell a compelling argument for the problem, but the problem may have been very much related to the salinity levels of the water instead.
Fresh water fish don’t fare well in salt water conditions, and vice-versa, fresh water fish don’t fare well in fresh water conditions. As a result, the fish likely died from the salt levels in the water after a large tide from the ocean moved the fish away from their natural salty habitat.
Over the course of about two days, more than 100 sanitation workers worked to remove the carcasses from the water and have them incinerated so that the spent fish couldn’t be scooped up and sold in local fish shops.
The investigation as to why this occurred is still reportedly ongoing so the situation can be monitored for local health.

Source:, Mashable

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