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Cute Hamster Gets a Cast for His Broken Arm

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Some people go above and beyond the call of duty to help their pets when they get injured, and in the case of a cute little hamster who apparently broke his arm, the owners went as far as to put a cast on it and even give it pain medication.

The mystery hamster with its cute little cast to treat his injury.

 Image Credit: Reddit/GeorgeOnee

The photo was posted by Reddit by user GeorgeOnee and shows what looks like a helpless little hamster with an adorable size-matched white cast on his right arm. The Reddit thread has received well over one million views and has gone viral across social media.
It’s not currently known how the hamster broke its arm, what the hamster’s name is, or who put the cast on him, but we do know from the image that the hamster appears to have received top-notch care.
It will need to be monitored for weeks to come to ensure that the cast isn’t simply chewed off by the rodent when the pet’s owners aren’t looking. After all, rodents have teeth made for gnawing through things as hard as nut shells, so it would be nothing for him to just chew through his cast.
There are currently no updates on how the hamster is doing, but we would like to hope it’s doing well. After all, just look at that face.

It's worth noting that pets of all types receive unique and creative forms of treatment all the time. One small puppy by the name of Tumbles who was born without his front legs even received a set of 3D-printed wheels to help him get around.
Source: Reddit via Daily Mail

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