OCT 25, 2016 7:28 AM PDT

Large Spider Filmed Carrying a Mouse Up a Refrigerator

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Viewed well over 17 million times since its posting on Facebook, an Australian video has gone viral showcasing a huntsman spider with the strength of a scale-model Arnold Schwarzenegger dragging a mouse across refrigerator with it.
It’s a moment that’s sure to have a lot of spider haters going, “NOPE!” and others are just going to be fascinated by this rare opportunity to grab unique and disturbing footage.

The Facebook poster, Jason Womal, says his neighbor called him over to see something cool right before he was leaving for work, and this is what he was brought over to see.
It’s a relatively large spider, we’ll give it that, but when it comes to weight, that immobilized mouse is surely carries a formidable counterweight compared to the large spider that seems to just scale the side of the refrigerator with ease.
Huntsman spiders have a venom that they can inject into their prey to immobilize them and make them easier for digestion. The mouse may or may not be dead at the time of this filming, but it certainly can’t scurry away in the grand scheme of things.
You would think this was some sort of prank just in time for the Halloween season, but it turns out these kinds of things actually do happen and that’s a real spider dragging a real mouse.
Huntsman spiders are actually fairly well known for snacking on creatures larger than themselves, so this is hardly out of the ordinary. Those who live around this sort of thing probably see this more often than spider-haters would feel comfortable hearing.
I think I’ll just stay far away from those things…
Source: Facebook

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