DEC 19, 2016 9:29 AM PST

California Family Wakes Up to Find a Mountain Lion on Their Porch

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

A family based out of Hillsborough, California were in for quite a shock one morning as a few loud noises coming from the front porch of their home awoke the family.

At around 4 A.M. in the morning, the family reportedly spotted a mountain lion and a deer on its front porch. As you can probably imagine from the details already, the mountain lion was the predator and the deer was the prey.

Mary Mines, the woman of the household, reportedly checked the peephole on the door after hearing noises she described as a loud “crack.” When she did, she spotted what she thought was a wild coyote on her porch. After attempting to open the door a crack to grab a closer look, that’s when she realized it was no small coyote.

It was at that moment that Mines discovered she was staring down a mountain lion, a type of large cat. The family’s house dogs were going wild, barking at the animals.

The family’s outdoor security camera grabbed the following footage showing the animals on their porch:

The mountain lion is pretty easy to make out, but it’s a bit more difficult to see the animal’s prey right below it.

Because it was raining at the time, the mountain lion probably dragged its prey onto the family’s porch for a dry place to wait out the weather and enjoy its meal. There was reportedly hair on the family’s fence where the cat is thought to have dragged its prey over the top of it.

The family believes that the loud and sudden crack they heard from inside their house might have been the sound of the large cat snapping the deer’s neck.

While most families would probably be cowering in fear of a large cat on their porch, the family of Hillsborough, California was pretty much unfazed by the event due to the fact that they’re big wildlife fans.

A report by the Washington Post notes that the family had just returned from a vacation in the Borneo, where they had encountered all kinds of potentially scary wildlife up close.

With nothing more than a warning to their child to be careful of potential dangers outside and briefings about what to do should he encounter a mountain lion outside. The family just went about the rest of their day as usual.

Source: The Washington Post

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