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Zimbabwe Approves Massive Animal Relocation Project to Mozambique

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Hundreds to thousands of animals are reportedly being transferred from the Sango Ranch in the Save Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe to the Zinave National Park in Mozambique, Africa in what is said to be one of the largest mass-transfer of animals in Africa to date.

Following more than decade of bloodshed from a civil war that broke out in Mozambique, the animal transfer will help replenish lost populations that perished in the midst. They’ll be traveling almost 400 miles to reach their destination.

Elephants are among the animals being sent from Zimbabwe to Mozambique.

Image Credit: ajohayho/Pixabay

All government approval has reportedly been passed, so the only part left now is the labor of transferring the animals from point A to point B. The Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (PWMA) of Zimbabwe note that the first batch of animals being transferred include:

  • 50 elephants
  • 50 kudu
  • 100 giraffes
  • 200 zebras
  • 200 buffaloes
  • 200 zebras
  • 300 wildebeests
  • 900 impala

“Zimbabwe approved the translocation of wildlife from the Sango Ranch in the Save Valley Conservancy to Zinave National Park in Mozambique,” said PWMA spokesman Simukai Nyasha. “For us this relocation is the perfect example how conservation in Africa works.”

These aren’t the only animals being transferred; thousands more are expected to relocate within upcoming years. The project won’t happen overnight and will require a bevy of resources.

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Zimbabwe wildlife parks have been relocating animals for eons. Although it’s not always in an attempt to replenish an animal species in a given area, it’s sometimes to humanely rid the regions of over-populations of various animals.

Source: Phys.org

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