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Buckle Up Buster!

On May 6, 2015, teams from Space X and NASA will conduct a Pad Abort Test of a crew capsule escape system that could hopefully save the lives of crew members in the event of a launch failure.
The Dragon V2 Manned Crew Capsule will undergo a Pad Abort test this week
While the test will not include an actual Falcon 9 booster rocket, the test will take place at Cape Canaveral's Space Launch Complex 40 on a platform normally used for the Dragon Cargo spacecraft.

A crash dummy, aptly named Buster, is strapped in and ready to go according to Space X Vice President Hans Koenigsmann in a press briefing on May 1st with NASA's Jon Cowart. The test will see if the eight SuperDraco engines built into Dragon can pull the capsule away from the launch pad in case of an explosion or other emergency.

The test will last approximately a minute and a half and will be broadcast live on NASA TV and updated on their Commercial Crew blog.

(Source: AP, Universe Today, Fox News)
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