MAY 20, 2016 8:57 AM PDT

Police Dash Cam Captures Fireball in Northeastern U.S. Skies

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

It isn’t every day that someone gets to see a blazing fireball entering Earth’s atmosphere from outer space. In fact, when you do see one of these rare events in person, it usually leaves you stunned because it’s such a powerful and symbolic show.
For this reason, a Portland, Maine police officer’s comment, “Oh… My… God…,” which is heard in the footage captured by the dash camera of a patrol car on speed trap duty is unsurprising.
The video, which was shared by the Portland, Maine police department’s Facebook page, shows the green flash that radiates from the fireballs as it enters the atmosphere.

Additional photographs of the event, which occurred in the Northeastern United States at about 12:50 A.M., were also shared by the Portland, Maine police department, which help you to get a better glimpse of what really took place here.

Sightings weren’t limited to Maine, but were also seen in Quebec, Canada and even New Jersey, as well as many locations surrounding and in between these locations. Hundreds of people reportedly saw this event in addition to the cop’s dash cam.
The fireball was caused by a meteor, or a space rock that strikes the Earth. They’re typically so small that they burn up in the atmosphere before they even hit the ground, but sometimes they land on the Earth’s surface.
Typically, they’ll land in unoccupied areas, or in our oceans. It’s very rare for a meteor to cause any kind of injury or death.
The Portland, Maine police department jokingly said, “Let’s hope the visitors are friendly” in response to seeing the footage. “They could just be some of Stephen King's friends on their way to visit him,” Portland, Maine’s police department continued.
Keep your eyes on those skies; you never know what you’ll see!

Source: USAToday, Portland Maine Police Department

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