APR 20, 2015 10:24 AM PDT

A Possible Lunar Rover

WRITTEN BY: Andrew J. Dunlop
A concept for a proposed lunar rover from 1990

This concept for a heavy, pressurized lunar rover from 1990 was designed to enable up to four crew to rove for two weeks on the Moon's surface. A crew airlock permits crew to exit and enter the rover and may double as a docking adapter to the Moon base. A smaller sample lock permits retrieval of lunar samples using remote manipulators mounted on the rover front. A cupola on top, similar to the cupola on the International Space Station, is a secondary driving station and permits views of the lunar terrain 360 degrees around the horizon and to much greater distances than the lower driving station.
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Andrew J. Dunlop lives and writes in a little town near Boston. He's interested in space, the Earth, and the way that humans and other species live on it.
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