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What is the Google Android Pie?

WRITTEN BY: Nouran Amin

What is the Google Android Pie (Android 9)? It is a new operating system made recently available for download for some phones.

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The new operating system has plenty of new and updated features in accessibility, battery & brightness, display, camera, digital wellbeing, enterprise, media, notifications, privacy & security, and system usability enhancements.

First, in the feature 'accessibility; basic actions like taking screenshots or navigating using one hand has become easier for users with motor impairment. The Android Pie also has added OCR support in camera and pictures for easier accessibility and can read text out loud. Furthermore, a sound amplifier has been enhanced to automatically boost audio quality in multiple scenarios by adjusting to over 100 settings.

The second feature in the new operating system is in batter & brightness. This feature offers longer battery saving modes and a new adaptive battery. The adaptive battery uses machine learning technology to predict which apps a user will likely use in the next few hours. Amongst other enhancements of this particular feature are adaptive brightness and background restrictions.

Thirdly, another unique feature is multi-camera support. Developers of Android 9 “created an immersive experience using streams from two or more physical cameras” such cameras can be utilized on devices with either dual-front or dual-back. Also, this feature offers external camera support to USB / UVC cameras on certain devices.

The ‘Digital-Well Being’ features improvements of ‘Do Not Disturb’ on all complete phone silence without just notification sounds. The feature includes an enhanced app dashboard and app timers. Additionally, the display feature includes enhancements in display cutout and edge-to-edge screens.

Android 9 makes the enterprise feature easier for users to share a single device.

For media, there are multiple Bluetooth connections (up to five Bluetooth devices) with seamless switching between them. Android 9 also now supports HEIF photos; improving picture compression and reducing the amount of storage. There is also sound delay reporting, volume memory, HD audio, as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR) which improves the brightness and color range of video.

The notification feature offers enhancements for messaging including the suggested 'smart replies' in the notification allowing users to respond in a tap. The privacy & security feature offers encryption for Android backups and other improvements to protect user information including web communications.

Lastly, the final feature is system usability and includes redesigned quick settings, volume controls, overview selection, and app actions. It also includes new system navigations which make it easier to search and move between apps.

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