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Imagine Never Having a Blind Spot Behind a Big Rig Ever Again

You're probably all too familiar with the frustrations of having to drive behind big rigs on the road. They're tall, wide, and slow. Worst of all, when you get stuck behind them, you can't see anything. You never know if a light is about to turn red in front of them and you never know if traffic on the incoming passing lane is clear enough to get in front of them.

It's ultimately like driving behind a super tall moving billboard. It's uncomfortable, and that's why we ultimately have the urge to get around them to see better. But there are safety hazards to passing via the incoming traffic lane.

That's why Samsung has developed a prototype truck that is equipped with cameras and large displays so that any driver in back of a big rig can see what's in front of the big rig and determine whether or not to overtake the big rig without having to do as much as move out of their own lane.

Samsung's big rig truck that lets you see in front of it while you're behind it.

Statistics show that head-on collisions from accidents when overtaking a big rig on a two-lane road are one of the most common types of accident there are. Moreover, in Argentina, at least one person dies every hour in a car accident. 80% of those are made up from people trying to overtake.

This new "safety truck," as Samsung is calling it, will let people see what's coming before they make a decision. Samsung hopes to drastically reduce the amount of car accidents by implementing this simple idea.

You can see how it works in the video below:

The prototype truck is reportedly no longer operational and Samsung says they believe the project will save many lives. In what Samsung is calling a proven way to improve the lives of drivers, the company hopes to implement this idea into bigger trucks in the future.

The only trick will be getting companies to buy these new safety trucks, which you bet are going to cost a whole lot more than traditional big rigs due to all the new technology being put into them.

How would you like to see this idea implemented on your roads?

Source: Samsung

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