APR 10, 2019 9:05 AM PDT

The Science Behind Modern Facial Recognition Technology

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Facial recognition is a type of technology that analyzes the structure of the human face to determine one individual from another. Facial recognition has been around for decades and has continually become more advanced over the years parallel with the evolution of technology.

Facial recognition software can be found on smartphones, social media pages, and even on your favorite online shopping pages as a means of biometric authentication. Most of these services use similar methods to identify your face, a process that typically involves capturing a scan with a camera and comparing it with a stored database.

With computers becoming more powerful with each passing day, so too is the facial recognition sector. It is now significantly faster than ever before and can be more accurate than the human brain in identifying one face from another. That latter bit may sound a bit scary to some, but for others, it’s to be expected as the digital age moves forward.

Facial recognition is further supported by the boom in machine learning, which technology companies such as Apple are using to boost their facial recognition technology. In time, facial recognition could be in more places than it is today, keeping your information and belongings secure from those who don’t have the authority to access it.

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