AUG 03, 2020 11:27 PM PDT

'Drawn-On" Skin Electronics

WRITTEN BY: Nouran Amin

Engineers at the University of Houston developed a new form of "drawn-on-skin electronics” --a breakthrough technology that allows sensors to be drawn on the skin via ink! 

Findings were published in Nature Communications and allows for the collection of health data regardless of the wearer's movements. 

Learn more about wearable technology in healthcare: 

"Electronic inks, including conductors, semiconductors, and dielectrics, are drawn on-demand in a freeform manner to develop devices, such as transistors, strain sensors, temperature sensors, heaters, skin hydration sensors, and electrophysiological sensors," the researchers wrote. 

The sensor offers simplicity without dedicated equipment. 

"It is applied like you would use a pen to write on a piece of paper," said Yu. "We prepare several electronic materials and then use pens to dispense them. Coming out, it is liquid. But like ink on paper, it dries very quickly." 

Source: Science Daily  

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