OCT 17, 2020 6:07 PM PDT

Improving Internet Connectivity in Developing Nations

WRITTEN BY: Nouran Amin

Secure and reliable internet connectivity is the oxygen of modern day global research. In developing nations, there persists limitations for internet access.

"Connectivity is the oxygen organizations run on," says U of I, former Chief Information Officer Paul Hixson. "It's such a basic requirement that it's often not even recognized as an issue. But lack of connectivity severely hinders an organization's ability to perform simple functions, conduct research, and compete for grants."

"With this tool, institutions can go through a checklist, and at each point there is a 'stoplight'. If it's red, you know there is something that needs to be fixed, because there are conditions that will act as a block and you can't go on until they are fixed -- until there's a green light. So turning things from red to green at each step is crucial; methodically going through each step at a time and making sure it's fixed before moving on to the next one," Hixson explains.

Learn more about how a village in South Africa, called Mankosi, has worked to address its own internet connectivity issues:

The ICT Health Checkup can be used to empower organizations.

"With proper connectivity you can manage and store research data, compete for grants, and manage awards," he notes. "It's the foundation that allows institutions to participate fully in a global context."

Source: Science Daily

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