MAY 21, 2016 10:19 AM PDT

Car-Maker Hyundai is Building an Iron Man Suit

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

It looks like Lexus isn’t the only car manufacturing company in town that has interest in developing other projects, such as its hover board concept, but it seems Hyundai is also joining the bandwagon to work on a side project.
Hyundai recently shared its work on a real-life Iron Man suit that would essentially give paraplegics a way to walk again, or to instill long standing abilities in the elderly or the weak who would otherwise need to sit down after a few minutes of standing.

Hyundai's Iron Man suit looks nothing like Iron Man, but could still give humans super-human abilities.

Moreover, such a suit could be useful in car manufacturing, where lifting heavy parts all day long isn’t exactly great for the human body, but a mechanized suit could do it all day long with no problem; just regular oiling maintenance.
The Iron Man suit Hyundai is building doesn’t look that much like the suit we see in Marvel’s superhero series, but it has been given the nickname because it amplifies our humanly abilities with super strength and power.
It’s said that the suit weighs just over 100 pounds and that it could help us to lift up to 600 pounds without pulling out our backs.
It’s very much still in its prototype stages, and Hyundai was pretty much just flexing its muscles to show off its engineering abilities. No release date or pricing information has been announced yet, which implies that its supposed uses are mostly hyperbolic. Most information that has been provided to date is quite vague.
Chances are, your grandpa isn’t going to buy a Hyundai Iron Man suit just to stand for longer periods of time because it’s not going to be very cost efficient.
It should be very interesting, nevertheless, to see where this concept goes.

Source: Hyundai, CNET

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