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Enjoy the Soothing Movements of This Modern Record Press

WRITTEN BY: Julia Travers


Vinyl is back. The Warm Tone Press from Viryl Technologies is fully automated and is the first such press to be sold in more than three decades. The Warm Tone can press a shiny new album in 24 seconds – the industry average is 30 to 40. These records are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and come in 7, 10 and 12-inch discs.

The record molds are resilient and durable; an optimized design withstands up to 300,000 impressions. The press can also stack cooling plates independently.

Viryl’s tech runs with the “ADAPT Platform,” which is the first integrated machine software for the industry. The Viryl site explains it “provides powerful insight on machine performance and allows our team to provide on demand service in the field.”

Viryl Tech Warm Tone Press, credit: Viryl Tech

In 2015, Owner of ACME Vinyl pressing plant Chad Brown teamed up with engineers Rob Brown and James Hashmi to start Viryl Technologies and reinvigorate contemporary record making. They also offer consulting services for new, established and startup pressing plants. Four Warm Tone Presses are currently running and 10 more are on the way.


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