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Birth Control and Cancer

Worldwide, deaths from ovarian cancer are down. In the US the rate fell 16% between 2002-2012. In the UK deaths from the disease fell by 22% and in Denmark and Sweden a whopping 24% decline was seen. This is great news, but why is it happening? The World Heath Organization took a look.

In a large scale data analysis one of the main reasons could be the use of birth control pills. Study leader Dr. Carlo La Vecchia, a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Milan, Italy stated that the hormones in birth control pills are known to have a protective effect against ovarian cancer. In Japan, the rate of deaths from ovarian cancer only fell by 2% and the use of birth control pills in that country is quite low. Countries that saw increases in the death rate were Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela. Birth control pill use is low in these countries as well. Other factors may include reduced use of hormone replacement therapy to manage menopausal symptoms and better diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer.
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