OCT 16, 2016 1:59 PM PDT

Years of Living Dangerously

"The droughts, the storms, the floods, the fires, the record heat waves. This is NOT something we've seen before." -- Sigourney Weaver, Years of Living Dangerously.

Years of Living Dangerously is a documentary television series focused on global warming. The original nine episodes aired in 2014. A new eight-episode season starts on October 30. With footage and testimonials from people who are experiencing climate change first-hand, and commentary from influencers like Matt Damon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lesley Stahl, and Sigourney Weaver, this series has the potential to inspire real change. The above trailer showcases front-line film and calls for unity amongst people throughout the world and throughout governments.

If you missed season one, you can find full episodes of the series on YouTube, and make sure to tune in to educate yourself and your family on October 30th.
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