JAN 10, 2017 2:30 PM PST

Debunking 7 Popular Healthy Habits


The start of the New Year typically brings about a fresh wave of health resolutions. People start new diet regimes and hold themselves to healthy habits. While it's always a good idea to be more conscious about our health, there are some 'healthy' habits should be skipped simply because they don't do much for us at all!

For example, people may think taking a daily multivitamin may boost your immune system or provide your body with adequate essential compounds. However, studies have shown that if you're not clinically deficient in some vitamins, taking a multivitamin may not do much since we already absorb the necessary compounds from our foods. This is, of course, assuming a healthy and balanced diet.

In another case, people think MSG is a bad habit and a healthier decision would be to avoid this flavoring chemical. But avoiding MSG may be a sacrifice that isn't worth it, given that studies show no adverse health effects from consuming MSG-flavored foods. By contrast, people who forgo MSG only to substitute more salt may be worse off with increased blood pressure.

Watch the video to learn 5 more seemingly healthy habits that don't really make sense.
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