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Recycle your coffee grounds

In an effort to reuse and recycle every possible thing we can, here are some tips on what you can do with your coffee grounds instead of throwing them out!

1. Use your coffee grounds as a fertilizer for your garden, especially for acidic loving plants such as berry bushes and carrots. The acidity of the grounds keeps away root maggots, slugs, and snails and they also add nitrogen and potassium to the soil, helping your plants' health!
2. Coffee grounds also absorb food odors, whether it's the garlic smell on your hands or the stink in your fridge! Leave an uncovered container of coffee grounds in your fridge to destinkify those odors, or wash your hands with the grounds to smell fresh! The grounds also act as an exfoliate, leaving your skin smooth and scraping off dead skin cells. (In the same way they exfoliate your skin, you can also use the grounds to scrub grease from pots and pans!)
3. Feed your worms the grounds! Vermi-composting is all the rage for organic farmers and those worms can turn coffee grounds into a rich, nutrient-filled soil!
4. Flea-repellent for your dog! Add coffee grounds to your dog's shampoo and keep those fleas away!
5. Arts and crafts project: coffee ground stained paper to make your letters look ancient!

Learn more by watching this tip-filled video and make coffee ground recycling a part of your routine!
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