APR 06, 2017 7:19 AM PDT

Connecting Our Brains to the Internet?

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

There is quite a bit of science fiction out there where mankind and machines fuse together to form one being. This might sound a lot like the Terminator movies, but as we move to a future with advanced technology, it's becoming less and less like science "fiction" and more like science.

Neural lace might hold the answer to taking some of the first baby steps into interfacing with our brains. It's a type of material that gets injected into the brain and can potentially open access points to our brains' neurological pathways so we can read, communicate with, and modify them.

Neural lace has been tested in animal models, and so far, we haven't gotten really far with it yet. On the other hand, we're improving the way we get it into the body without extensive surgical procedures and this is the first step to hard-wiring our brains so that we can actually tap into them in the future.

Will neural lace prove to have benefits for mankind? That's a question that has yet to be answered, but maybe someday you will be able to browse the web through a computer embedded in your brain, rather than having to carry a smartphone and smartwatch on your person.

Then again, before we can even dream of a future with neuro-embedded computers, we have quite a bit to perfect, such as ensuring that compatibility with health and immune systems won't be a problem, as well as finding ways to actually use the technology.

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